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Enhance your security with Advance CCTV camera solutions from CCTV Camera Dubai. Safeguarding Dubai with advanced surveillance technology for comprehensive protection and peace of mind

cctv camera dubai

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Welcome to CCTV Camera Dubai, where we specialize in delivering versatile CCTV camera solutions for a wide array of settings including homes, businesses, shopping malls, and hotels. Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect, from meticulous installation to proactive maintenance. Whether it’s securing your home, ensuring business safety, monitoring shopping malls, or enhancing hotel security, we’ve got you covered. Count on us to provide tailored solutions that encompass all your surveillance needs, ensuring optimal protection and peace of mind.

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For reliable and professional CCTV camera installation, look no further than our services. We specialize in seamless installation of CCTV systems, catering to diverse settings such as homes, businesses, shopping malls, and hotels. Our dedicated team ensures meticulous setup to guarantee optimal surveillance coverage. Whether it’s safeguarding your home, securing your business, monitoring shopping malls, or enhancing hotel security, our installation expertise ensures that every corner is covered.


CCTV Camera Dubai takes pride in offering comprehensive CCTV camera maintenance services to ensure the ongoing reliability and effectiveness of your security system. Our skilled technicians are defended to regular check-ups, adjustments, and troubleshooting, ensuring that your CCTV cameras remain in optimal working condition. Trust us to alimony your surveillance network running seamlessly, providing you with uninterrupted security coverage for your home, business, shopping malls, and hotels.

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Unlock the power of superior security with CCTV Camera Dubai’s free consultation service. Our expert consultants are here to guide you through the world of CCTV camera solutions, offering tailored advice that matches your specific needs

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CCTV Camera Dubai

At CCTV Camera Dubai, we take immense pride in our mission and identity. Within our realm, you’ll find a team brimming with dedication, brilliance, and an unwavering passion for technology and security solutions. Continuously innovating, we strive to elevate our approaches, refine operations, and set new standards in our field. Our foundation is a culture of mutual support, extending care to one another and our valued clients. Above all, our commitment lies in delivering comprehensive solutions that harmonize seamlessly – a commitment that resonates across Dubai’s surveillance landscape.

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CCTV Camera Price in Dubai

CCTV CamerasHikvision Price (AED)Dahua Price (AED)
2mp HD Analog 4 Camera IndoorAED 1600.00AED 1500.00
2mp HD Analog 4 Camera OutdoorAED 2400.00AED 2300.00
2mp HD Analog 8 Camera IndoorAED 2800.00AED 2700.00
2mp HD Analog 8 Camera OutdoorAED 4000.00AED 3800.00
5mp HD Analog 4 Camera IndoorAED 2450.00AED 2250.00
5mp HD Analog 4 Camera OutdoorAED 3400.00AED 3300.00
5mp HD Analog 8 Camera IndoorAED 4500.00AED 4300.00
5mp HD Analog 8 Camera OutdoorAED 5500.00AED 5300.00


cctv camera dubai

9 Channel Power Supply Unit 12V 10AH

AED 136.50

cctv camera dubai

AICO Cat 6 UTP 23AWG Network Cable Black 1 meter

AED 4.73

cctv camera dubai

6U cabinet 600×450 with PDU

AED 367.50

cctv camera dubai

4U Network cabinet with PDU

AED 472.50

cctv camera dubai

Hikvision DS-J142I NVR 4CH Combo Surveillance Kit

AED 654.15 

cctv camera dubai

Hikvision DS-D5024FN HDMI/VGA Input 23.8″ 1080P LED Monitor

AED 1,013.25

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